Junior Golf

Paul Fichter, our PGA Professional, and the pro shop staff offer a junior golf teaching program that follows the US Kids Learning Program. The US Kids Learning Program is recognized as a premier golf instructional program for kids. Participants are evaluated and placed into groups according to their level of achievement. As the kids progress through the program, achievement pins for each level are awarded to participants for completing different skills such as putting, chipping and driving. Our Junior Golf Program is available to the children and grandchildren of Heathers members and begins each June after the end of the school year.

Two sets of tee plates are placed on each hole of the golf course to allow children who are not yet proficient enough for our existing tees to use these tees which are closer to the greens. Adult golf beginners may also use these special tees. These tees provide a way to make golf enjoyable for beginners without impeding the pace of play.

Our pro shop offers a full range of US Kids golf equipment including woods, irons, putters and golf bags. US Kids golf balls with a lower compression, softer feel and higher trajectory are available for children with swing speeds between 70 and 90 miles per hour. Children's golf apparel is also available including shoes, hats, shirts, and gloves.

Paul and the pro shop staff are available to fit your child with the correct length clubs based on your child or grandchild's height and ability using the unique US Kids Fitting System which is based on the idea that if you know the child's height and ability, finding the right clubs is simple. Club weight, shaft flex and proper length should match the strength and height of young players. Teaching is made easier and a young player's performance and enjoyment of the game improves significantly by having clubs that are the correct length.

Please contact the Pro Shop at 248-334-4494 for more information about the Junior Golf Program.